The Brick City Varsity brand is inspired by two watershed moments of resistance in the city’s history: the Newark Rebellion of 1967 and the student takeover of Rutgers-Newark’s Conklin Hall in 1969. Each events attest to the revolutionary power of the people of Newark to challenge social norms, dismantle the status quo and incite justice.

Inspired by our 60s-era freedom fighters, Brick City Varsity challenges the world to imagine fashion and photography as vehicles for social justice. The vintage clothing line is built exclusively from thrift stores that provide support to low-income families, the formerly incarcerated, veterans, disaster victims and those in need of free rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse. BCV vintage shifts the focus of fashion from enabling retailers that violate human rights, to the support of the most vulnerable amongst us.


BCV photography pursues the rich and varied beauty of city's landscape and visual vestiges of urban development in real time. Collectively, the brand is a tribute to courageous Newarkers whose that have defied the odds, challenged the establishment and used meager resources to create sustainable change for our neighborhoods.